Enter the Shark Curve

Analytical Brief

This short article discusses the now famous “Duck Curve” as well as the less well-kwown “Nessie Curve” that have been used to describe California and Hawaii respectively and proposes a new member of the family, the “Shark Curve”. The Shark Curve, with its sharp (and often invisible) peak provides a more accurate picture of the daily electricity demand curve in most emerging economies.

Quick Read:

  1. The Duck Curve and the Nessie Curve apply well to electricity markets with high air conditioning loads and growing shares of solar PV like California and Hawaii.
  2. However, the load curve of most places around the world, notably in emerging countries, looks more like a shark, with an abrupt peak often hidden by load shedding.
  3. When load shedding is included in electricity system analysis, the need for smarter solutions, including energy efficiency, demand response, and both thermal and battery storage comes sharply into view.