Calculation of the NET-FIT Payment for Surplus Solar PV Generation in Senegal

This project involved working closely with local experts and staff at the Senegalese Electricity Regulatory Commission (CRSE) to calculate and establish the payment that distributed renewable energy projects in the country receive for injecting their surplus electricity generation into the grid. The technologies for which detailed cost modelling were conducted include solar PV, small-scale wind power, and biogas, and the analysis covered a number of different use cases, including different building types featuring different electricity demand profiles, or load curves. E3 Analytics developed a financial model to capture the dynamics of such self-consumption projects in order to determine a specific payment level for the injection of renewable electricity both from different technologies, as well as from different electric customer classes. For more information on Senegal’s innovative renewable energy policy, see:

  • Year: 2017-2018
  • Client: Clean Energy Solutions Center, GIZ, ECREEE, CRSE