Global Solar PV Brain Trust

The Global Solar PV Brain Trust is a loose association of experts committed to the future of solar power worldwide. It is a non-profit group supported by the Reiner Lemoine Foundation in Berlin, Germany.

The Foundation was established by Reiner Lemoine shortly before his death from cancer in 2006. Reiner was one of the leading figures in Germany’s early development of solar PV technology. He was born in 1949, studied aerospace engineering in Berlin and went on to found several companies in the solar sector, including Solon in 1996 and Q-Cells in 1999.

The Foundation awards scholarships to doctoral students who wish to study renewable energy technologies. As part of its work, the Foundation funds a range of projects on the energy transition, including the German-language group, the “PV Think Tank”, as well as the work of the Global Solar PV Brain Trust.

About the Global Solar PV Brain Trust:

  • Participation is pro-bono, and invitation-only
  • The PV Brain Trust is independent and acts informally
  • The PV Brain Trust follows Chatham House Rules
  • We are solutions-oriented and publish short reports on the trends and developments shaping the global solar sector.

For more information on the Global PV Brain Trust, see:

First publication of the Solar PV Brain Trust:

This 2-pager provides a brief summary of the current state of play of the global solar PV sector, including a few highlights about the historic expansion of solar power that occurred worldwide in 2023.

Publication Date: December 2023

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Second publication of the Solar PV Brain Trust:

This 12-pager provides a primer on the topic of curtailment. With the share of solar PV growing in many power markets around the world, the amount of solar power being curtailed is starting to grow. This short analysis provides an overview of curtailment, what it is and why it matters, and highlights some of the solutions being developed to mitigate it.

Publication Date: May 2024

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