Scaling-Up Distributed Solar PV in Serbia: Market Analysis

This project provides an in-depth look at the current market for distributed solar PV in Serbia. Although encouraging small-scale renewable energy projects has not been high on the government’s agenda, there are signs that the market for rooftop solar projects is starting to grow, driven by a combination of rapidly decreasing solar PV costs, a good solar resource, and rising electricity prices. In response, households and businesses in Serbia are starting to invest, exporting their surplus generation to the grid.

In a further encouraging sign for the market, some utilities in Serbia are starting to purchase this net surplus generation, opening up new possibilities and the potential for new business models.

This report captures these and other trends that are re-shaping the investment landscape for small and medium-sized renewable energy projects in the country and outlines what is needed to help unlock the market’s potential.

The full report is available both in English, and in Serbian.