Renewables 2022: Global Status Report

The Global Status Report is the definitive annual overview of the global renewable energy industry. It covers technologies, markets, business models, and recent trends shaping the sector.

E3 Analytics authored Chapter 6 in the 2022 edition of the Global Status Report, a new chapter on Renewables-Based Energy Systems. Instead of analyzing how renewables like wind, solar and key enabling technologies are being integrated into existing energy systems, this chapter flips things around, and explores where in the world renewables-based systems are starting to emerge, and how. The chapter is filled with examples from around the world including Australia, Graciosa (Portugal), El Hierro (Spain), Denmark, Germany, and Hawaii, showcasing the emergence of a fully renewables-based energy system. Highlights extend beyond the electricity sector and include a look at the transportation and heating sectors, and the progress being made in India, China, Norway, and elsewhere.

Chapter 6: Renewables-Based Energy Systems

  • Year: 2022
  • Client: REN21